Has London become the best city to work in, in the world?

Despite the uncertainty that Brexit has brought to us with big companies moving their offices to other places in the UK and the EU, it seems that London is still coming on top of every other city and has even surpassed the big dogs that are New York, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

London is a city that has always offered a massively diverse culture and has a wide range of industries that are booming in the UK compared to other cities around the world. On top of this London’s well-developed infrastructure, legal system and health service all accumulates to a city that is very appealing for any professional to work in.

Job board websites are playing a crucial part in the perception of working in London and have helped contributed to making it a very appealing and popular choice for place of work. These job boards are bringing in talent from overseas and have made it more available than ever to foreign professionals to take the leap into London.

It may be that the news of Brexit has helped with making London a more attractive city to work in, due to companies investing more into recruiting staff from the EU before it becomes more difficult to do so. More people are taking the opportunity to lock down the EU talent and in turn companies in London have made themselves more attractive to the market and have highlighted the benefits of working in the big city.

It may also help with the fact that London has the highest concentration of higher education in Europe, with over 43 universities that attract thousands and thousands of international students every year. Once those students are taken in by the opportunities offered in London, they are bound to want to carry on living and working in London once they have graduated.

According to LinkedIn, the capital trumps the likes of New York, Paris and Berlin and has become the most connected city in the world with residents in London having over 300 connections on average. Because London residents make the effort to broaden their professional network to international workers, it increases the likeability for London and the fact that we welcome international professionals to help us create a better and more diverse workforce.

London is renowned for its Financial Centre being the best in the world, but London doesn’t stop at one industry with great opportunities for professionals in professional services, media, tourism, technology and retail. There’s not many cities in the world that can provide such a diverse range of dominant sectors and maybe that is why London is such an attractive city for professionals to work in.

A variety of booming sectors means that a diverse range of professionals are brought together. The amount of diversity that the city has is incredible, and the opportunity to network with professionals whether they are in the same field or a totally different one, London provides a sense of a business community and that can be very appealing to anyone looking for the perfect city to work in.

With so many reasons for us to give for London being the best city to work in, we think that London is truly stepping up the mark and dominating the world. What’s not to want from a city work destination than what’s laid out above? London may be a smaller city than New York and Hong Kong but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good or even better.

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