How much training does the average employee need?

It is crucial that an employee receives a sufficient amount of training throughout their career to develop their skills, productivity and efficiency. Companies face the same issue of the uncertainty of how much training they should be putting on for their employees for them to maintain and improve their productivity in the workplace.

Obviously, the amount of training needed is going to be slightly different depending on the size of the company, what industry you are in and what your employees do. But for the average employee there needs to be a relevant amount of training done for them to feel like they are the best they can be in their role.

Officially, the government makes it mandatory for staff to be able to ask for time off work for training or study relating to their job once they have been working for their employer for at least 26 weeks and their organisation is made up of 250 people or more. For the average employee, they should receive initial training as soon as they start the role. Once an employee has started their role, a company should have small training sessions that could even be just half an hour on a monthly basis to keep them refreshed on the company’s movements or any issues the employee may be having in their role. For more intense training courses, the average employee should be receiving at least one major training day once or twice a year.

There are two types of training that you can conduct as a company:

On the job training

On the job training is most suitable for regular training sessions, so this would most suit your monthly training meetings either one to one or in a small team. This also a very cost-effective option, as they are normally conducted by the internal HR team or the manager responsible for the employee. On the job training will be conducted within the normal working environment and could be integrated into a team meeting or it can also be doing as a learning whilst doing, for instance a manager could sit with an employee and assist them over a few days whilst they are doing their normal job and train them in a practical way.

External training

Training can also be conducted by an external party that specialise in training in your industry. These can be very effective and normally consist of a days’ worth of training somewhere external to your normal working environment. External training is beneficial as you can gain an outside perspective and they may be able to advice on new ways in how to approach your business. Another great benefit is the specialist knowledge and expertise that external trainers can provide you. These companies do this as a job day in day out; they know what they are doing and they do it well. Obviously, they come with a high price, but because they are such an intensive training course, you won’t want to be sending your employees off for the day every couple of months as you still have a business to run at the end of the day. Having an intensive external training day once or twice a year is more than enough for the average employer and they will take away a huge amount of knowledge that your internal trainers wouldn’t be able to provide.

So when answering the question as to how much training the average employee needs, the answer is that they need regular monthly internal training, which can be as little as half an hour just to refresh them on particular topics or whether it be you have introduced something new to the business that they need to learn. Employees need to have some sort of structure into their development on a regular basis in order for them to stay motivated and satisfied in their role. They also need to have at least 1 intense training course a year that is conducted by external trainers to not only improve your employees’ productivity and skills but to improve the way the business runs and to ensure that you are keeping up to date with trends and regulations.

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